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About Me

Readings, Services, and Spells are as follow:


*Tarot Readings

*Palm Readings

*Rune Stone Readings
*Past Life Readings

*Love Readings
*Soulmate Readings
*Aura Readings
*Chakra Readings


*Chakra Realignment

*Connecting with departed loved ones

*Hex Removal

*Aura Cleansing

*Spiritual Cleansings

*Home Cleansings


*Binding Spells

*Love Spells

*Lust Spells

*Banishing Spells

About Me

My name is Samantha, I am a fourth generation Psychic Medium. I realized from a very young age that i was in fact as gifted as my ancestors before me. I am currently based in Dallas TX, however my clientele are both foreign and domestically located world wide. Throughout all of my travels and all of my work my top priority at the end of every day is to make sure that everyone is happy by working with me and the work that I have diligently and proudly done for them and their loved ones.

What To Expect

I wish everyone to get the most positivity and fulfillment out of our readings, services, and/or spells as possible while still being able to enjoy the experience. All results may vary since every individual and every case is different. All readings are Private and confidential, and kept between my clients and myself.


Contact Us

For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


(214) 302-9195


Call or text anytime, I am always here to help you.

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